Susan_S.JPGAt first I thought Wow!  Expensive! But you know how you get what you pay for. I didn't pay enough for what I got. The value is so far beyond the cost.  A life changing event, we met friends for life.  If you can only take one great vacation, this is the one you will never forget

— Susan Stovall


Small_Bo.JPGRepeat Getaway Gal - Palm Springs 2007 and Hilton Head Island 2007!

I just got back from the Rosie Jones Golf Getaway in Palm Springs.  It was one of the best vacations I have ever taken (and I take a lot of them).  Rosie and Carrie were the perfect hosts.  They did not miss a single detail and my golf game is the better for it all. 

*I plan on making this a yearly event.

— Bo Ribaudo


Small_shellyjanet.JPGGetaway Gals- Hilton Head Island, SC 2007!

We haven't stopped talking about that fabulous Getaway!  Talk about making memories!   Both of you were wonderful in your own right and the best hosts.  It was awesome.

— Janet and Shelly


Susan_Reed.jpgSusan Reed - Editor in Chief - Golf For Women

You have a unique and great business idea, and you’re really delivering on it...you and Carrie and your special guests are the absolute dream experience for golfers.
That being said, I see so many businesses that are good ideas, but poorly executed. You’re executing fantastically, great attention to people, to detail...which is what it takes today to succeed.

— Susan Reed
RosieJones Golf Getaways was featured in GFW July/August 2007


Lanasmile_sm.JPGRepeat Getaway Gal -Palm Springs and Hilton Head- 2007

It was the perfect mix of game improvement clinics, plus social and competitive golf for both low and high handicappers.  Rosie and her staff were personable, fun and I left feeling like I had personally experienced some of the history of the LPGA tour.  It was the most unique vacation I have ever experienced, period!  I have already booked my next tour and can’t wait for them to create a trip to the home of golf.

— Lana Coble


Sherry_Psm.jpgSherry - Hilton Head Island, SC -  2007

I wanted to thank you both again for a vacation I can only describe as stellar from beginning to end.  The fun never stopped!  You definitely far exceeded all my expectations for every facet of the getaway.

— Sherry Prestwood


Susan_HH.jpgSusan, Hilton Head Island, 2007

Playing a championship quality golf course, like Habour Town, with an LPGA Hall of Fame Member and having Rosie Jones help me read putts as Kathy Whitworth explained course management, life doesn't get any better than that for a golfer.

— Susan


DSC_1439.JPGBonnie Stewart - Palm Springs CA - 2007

My putting has improved so markedly that I actually look forward to putting.  After playing the Classic course with Rosie I finally understood what I needed to do to align the put.  This weekend I smiled all through my rounds, thinking, "Rosie would be proud"....even my friends mentioned it...

— Bonnie Stewart


Janet.JPGNapa Valley Getaway 2008

This was the greatest golf experience of my Life! I am totally jazzed!!

— Janet Munday


Beth.JPGNapa Valley Getaway - 2008

You did it... with the hundreds of little datails and no mishaps.  You made every moment truly special.  For 3 days, 12+ women golfed and laughed with LPGA Pros... We'll be talking about that for a long time!

— Beth Blaisdell


Lori.JPGLori - Napa Valley Getaway 2008

It was a truly memorable event for me!  Wow!!  I actally played golf with Rosie Jones and Patty Sheehan!!  Two of the greatest golfers I watched and admired growing up.  I also loved meeting some fun folks who made me chuckle! ( which is so important to my vacations! )

— Lori


KathyH.JPGKathy - Brasstown Valley Golf School 2008

You made the trip perfect.  You both have the warm personalities to make people want to return again and again.  We think the school was a class act and know that your success will continue to grow by satisfied customers word of mouth!!

— Kathy Harshman


conniebt.JPGConnie Stiles - Brasstown Valley Golf School - 2008

What a terrific school you planned.  The anticipation of the school was thrilling; living it was a dream.  Thank you for giving us 100%; it made the experience 100%, plus some.  I enjoyed everything and everyone.  Your cadre of teachers is superb; they are knowledgeable, good teachers and so much fun.

— Connie Stiles